Sand Dune Sunset Engagement

September 2, 2020


I met up with Hailey & Noah a couple months ago for their sand dune sunset engagement session, and it was a dream!!

Hailey really wanted to shoot at sand dunes, so we originally planned to shoot at a larger dune area outside of the Tri-Cities.

Excepttt when we got to about 20 minutes away from the dunes (which none of us had been to before, but that I knew other photographers had shot at), we were stopped by a security post. Apparently we were trying to get into the Hanford Reach area and must have been in he wrong place – whoops??

We ended up heading to a different dunes area and had so much fun hanging out in the sand with the sun setting over the desert. I can’t wait for their big day in October!❤️

Want to find a poppin’ orange outfit just like Hailey’s for your own photos?!

Here are links to some I found from my favorite clothing stores!

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