Lulumahu Falls, Oahu Adventure Session

February 6, 2020


Our original location that we planned for our shoot with Brooklyn & Benson fell through, so we had to switch at the last minute. We really wanted to shoot at a waterfall, and Google said that the hike to Lulumahu Falls was “easy and short.” Well let me tell ya, it was not that.?
As soon as we got to the beginning of the hike, Kali, Kaitlyn and I realized that we had forgotten the dress at Kaitlyn’s house that we bought SPECIFICALLY for this shoot.??‍♀️ And we didn’t have time to go back and get it, but bless the angel that Brooklyn is – she had brought multiple outfits just in case, and they were PERFECT.?? We started the hike and it was muddy as HELL because it had rained that morning, and we had to squeeze through forests of bamboo with our giant backpacks, climb through streams of water, and try not to slip on all the rocks and roots.
Once we got to the falls, it was absolutely stunning, aaaand at that point I realized I had lost the little attachment that hooks my harness up to my camera. So not only was I trying to avoid falling every time I took a step, but I was also holding onto my camera for dear life?And what a surprise – I finally slipped too much on one rock and fell for like 10 seconds, hitting my knees on multiple rocks and falling back into the water, holding my camera up in the air with one arm and laughing my ass off?
This shoot was one of my all-time favorites because Brooklyn & Benson just went with the flow, as did we. The multiple-hour, muddy, mosquito-filled hike was 1000% worth the magic we created together, and was one of the best parts of our trip.✨

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