How to Pick Your Wedding Colors: Flowers, Dresses, and More!

February 4, 2020

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One of my FAVORITE parts of photographing weddings is seeing all of the different COLORS couples choose for their day! Your color palette is sooo important to making the day feel like YOU, because it’ll affect your flower choice, decor, invitations, stationary, place cards, cake, wedding party dresses/ties. . . whatever you may choose to include on & before your big day! 

So if you’re feeling stuck on how to choose the colors you want for your day, I’ve put together a little guide & collection of inspo boards based on the vibe/theme/mood of your wedding, that I hope will help ya out!
**all photos in the collages below are from Pinterest, and are NOT mine!

First, you’ll want to figure out what kinda vibe you want for your wedding! Take into consideration where you’re getting married and what you want your day to feel like (for both YOU two & your guests), and then look at this inspo below and pick out what you’re most drawn to & feel like would fit your own day!

Theme: Moody, cool: These are popular colors for winter weddings, but they can absolutely be used anytime! Some beautiful moody, cool tones include deep greens, dark blues, burgundies, and maroons!

Theme: Moody, warm: One of my personal favorite color schemes! This can include golds, deep yellows, burnt orange and deep reds!

Theme: Elegant, luxurious: Wanna keep your day looking & feeling classy? Maybe pick gold, white, light pinks, or light purples!

Theme: Earthy, neutral: Don’t really want much color? I LOVE me a good earthy, neutral color scheme! Include shades of greys, browns, beige, white, black, and some greens!

Theme: Bohemian, earthy, warm: Another one of my favorite color palettes! Can you tell I love warm colors?! This theme includes lots of nature/earthy vibes (often focused heavily on florals) and warm, welcoming colors!

Theme: Minimal, soft, simple: Don’t want a ton of colors, or want to keep your colors minimalistic & soft? Consider including lots of white, greens (and greenery!), beige/tan, gold, or blush/light pink!

Theme: Bright, pops of color: Want some pops of color on your wedding day, especially if it’s during the spring or summer? This color scheme might be for you! It can include bright purples, blues, greens, pinks. . . basically anything that you can make look bright & POP!

And there you go! There are so many options for your wedding colors, and you don’t have to follow any “palettes” if you wanna mix it up, or just do your own thing! Don’t be afraid to go against what’s trendy if it’s something you love. Do what YOU want!

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