Kahana Bay, Oahu Sunrise Adventure Session

February 13, 2020


This sunrise adventure session at the beautiful Kahana Bay on Oahu, with Stephanie & Koa, was MAGICCCCC.☀️We were originally supposed to shoot with another couple, but they ended up not being able to make it, so they sent me to Stephanie. And I’m SO glad they did.
From the first few minutes that Stephanie and I talked, I could feel her genuine excitement and willingness to model for us with her boyfriend, Koa, despite them modeling a LOT already! And for a SUNRISE session nonetheless?I’m always so grateful to couples who are willing to do sunrise shoots because they are, yes, exhausting at first when you get out of bed, but they are SO, so worth it.
So these two got up hella early to hang with us on the beach, take a swim, and allowed us to get to know them. We got the softest light from behind the mountains, gorgeous waves, and it’s now one of my favorite shoots of all time. With one of the best couples ever. Cannot believe we got lucky enough to get connected with these two, and I’m so ready to shoot with them again next time I visit!??

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