The Top Books + Podcasts That You NEED In Your Life
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The Top Books + Podcasts That You NEED In Your Life

December 24, 2019
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First off, full disclosure: I haven’t read all these books. YET. I’m a full-time college student with an on-campus job and runnin’ my biz. So give me a break, pls🤣These books have all been on my bookshelf for the past few months, and I’m including ones I haven’t gotten to reading just yet, because I KNOW they are going to be game-changers. I’ve had a few of you who were curious about the books/podcasts/media I consume and how they’ve helped my business, so I wanted to share them with you even if I haven’t read them yet, because why wait months and months till I’ve finally made time to read them all?🤣I know COUNTLESS people who have loved every one of these books, so I’m not just speaking outta thin air if I haven’t read some of them yet!

These are my top books and podcasts that have been huge in my life lately, and that I KNOW you guys will love, too, no matter if you’re a business owner or not! Some of these are definitely geared towards business owners + creative entrepreneurs, but ALL of them can absolutely be useful to anybody who wants to create a better life for themselves + become the best person they can be!

First off, BOOKS!:

  • Own Your Everyday, by Jordan Lee Dooley: This book is about “Overcoming the Pressure to Prove and Showing Up for What You Were Made to Do,” and is an absolute life-changer. Jordan is one of my favorite people in this world because of how dedicated she is to sharing her wisdom + helping young women become the best versions of themselves. If you’re feeling at all confused about what you’re supposed to be doing with your life, or how to use your passions & dreams to fuel what you do, this book is for you!
  • You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero: For the person who wants to improve their life with the help of a funny, raw, and encouraging woman that is Jen Sincero. She gives you advice through her own personal experiences and stories, and takes a pretty no-bullsh*t approach. She gives you the kick in the butt that you need to live the best life that you were meant to live, and gives you exercises to do and things you can implement into your life TODAY. Jen writes in a way that speaks to me so much and she’s just freaking hilarious. One of my favorite writers of all time!
  • You Are A Badass At Making Money, by Jen Sincero: Another Jen Sincero book, WOOHOO! But this one is more focused on money mindset + how to create the life you want through improving your beliefs about & habits with money. I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s next up on my list and I’m so ready for the kick in the butt that Jen is going to give me through this book!
  • Choose Wonder Over Worry, by Amber Rae: This awesome book is about “Moving Beyond Fear and Doubt to Unlock Your Full Potential,” and helps you navigate self-doubt, do things even though you’re scared of them or unsure, bouncing back from rejection, and SO much more. Amber is another one of my favorite writers because she writes in a way that is raw, real, and doesn’t hide anything. She exposes herself in order to help you see real-life examples of what she’s talking about, and is so dang relatable! The main lesson of this book: “don’t die with your gifts inside.”
  • Girl, Stop Apologizing, by Rachel Hollis: This book, which I haven’t read yet, but have heard SO MANY amazing things about, is focused on helping women unlock their full potential and pushing past fear of embarrassment, failure, and judgement. I’m so excited to read this book because I LOVE the way Rachel speaks to women through her social media presence, and I know this book is going to help me get rid of excuses and grow the skills I need to be the best possible version of the woman who I was meant to be!
  • Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis: Another one I haven’t read yet, but am so excited for (and another one by Rachel!). This one focuses more on helping you live out your passions and working hard to chase your dreams, and not believing the lies that hold us back from achieving all that we’re able to!
  • Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert: This book dives into the creative process and how to make the most of creative living, despite the fear and the unknown that surrounds it! 
  • The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, by Mark Manson: Oh man, I’m SO excited to read this one! Mark Manson takes a little bit of a different approach than maybe the authors I mentioned previously, do, in that he focuses on not sugarcoating the hard sh*t in life. He uses real life examples, doesn’t coddle you, and basically gives you a well-meaning slap in the face.
  • The 30-Day Money Cleanse, by Ashley Feinstein: I just ordered this book last week because I discovered @thefiscalfemme on Instagram and fell in LOVE with her page! She’s a badass woman entrepreneur who loves strategizing her finances and giving useful tips to others, and finding her page has led me to decide to really focus on my finances & handling my $$ better. And THEN, I found out she had a BOOK!! In her book, Ashley guides you through how to create a better relationship with money by doing things such as getting rid of bad habits, changing your mindset, and learning about investing. I cannot WAIT for this book to arrive so I can get to reading it!
  • Imperfect Courage, by Jessica Honegger: This is another one that I just recently ordered after hearing about it from Jordan Lee Dooley (author of Own Your Everyday!), and am so excited to dive into! This book is about pushing you to leave your comfort zone even though you’re scared, and not letting fear get in the way of doing amazing things.  Jessica uses experiences and examples from her own life to help you focus on finding courage, and letting that take priority over whatever you’re afraid of! 

And next, PODCASTS!:

  • The Goal Digger Podcast, by Jenna Kutcher: This podcast is literally the best thing ever. I started listening to it this fall on one of my first roadtrips of the school year, and it changed everything. Jenna packs so much freaking useful information into her podcasts, it’s INSANE. She gives you tips and strategies for productivity, social media, business, and LIFE, not to mention that she brings on AWESOME guests (like Jen Sincero, author of You Are A Badass!). You NEED to take advantage of this free educational content as soon as you can, whether you sit down, drink coffee, and take notes, or listen to episode after episode on your next roadtrip!
  • The Heart & Hustle Podcast, by Lindsey Roman & Evie Rupp: Lindsey & Evie’s podcast JUST launched in November, but it’s already at the top of my list! This business & lifestyle podcast is not only for creative entrepreneurs, but also for ANYBODY who wants to uplevel their life & be the best version of themselves. These two women encourage you to pursue your dreams, give you actionable tools to implement into your life NOW, and push you to do amazing things!
  • She Podcast, by Jordan Dooley: Ahhh I love Jordan’s podcast so much! It’s basically like an extension of her book and is equally as life-changing. She gives you tips + advice for life, business, pursuing your passions, and chasing your dreams, and feels like a girlfriend who you could take to coffee.
  • RISE Podcast, by Rachel Hollis: I haven’t listened thoroughly to this one yet, but it’s on my list & I already know it’s amazing! Rachel provides you with personal development + business tips in a way that makes you feel welcome, encouraged, and ready to do big things!
  • Office Ladies Podcast, by Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey: I had to include this one because it’s the best podcast ever. I’m literally obsessed with Jenna & Angela and all things the Office, so when this podcast came out, I almost cried. Starting from Season 1, Episode 1, Jenna & Angela go through one episode of the show per podcast episode, giving you behind the scenes info, facts, and a bunch of random, awesome stuff. Every time I listen to an episode it makes me so happy. You should listen to it, too. 

I hope ya take up these recommendations, because all of these amazing resources + media have contributed SO much to both my business + my personal life! Be sure to give them reviews if you love them, and tell me in the comments what your personal faves are, if I didn’t list them here!


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