the reason I tell you I'm a type 2 on the Enneagram is this: the type 2 gal is known to be the "helper," has a genuine love & care for others, and values meaningful relationships & acts of service. and that sums up what i focus on in my biz!

I’m someone who LIVES to LOVE on people, so if you choose me to be your photog, you better be damn prepared to have me encouraging + supporting you EVERY step of the way.

It's important to me that you know who I am & why I do this.

I'm so glad you wanted to hear more!

a few things to know about me: I'm a type 2 on the Enneagram, i love white cheddar cheezits & coffee with caramel, and the oregon coast is my favorite place on earth.

I’m also a destination elopement + wedding photographer based in Bellingham, WA, and traveling is my life. I grew up living overseas in South Korea, Israel, Venezuela, and Russia, and I've visited 31 countries throughout my 19 years of life! Some of my favorites include Peru, Brazil, Switzerland, Botswana, and Aruba! I'm somebody who gets bored easily, so I love always being on the move and constantly planning new trips. I'm a pretty dang good travel buddy + planner, so have no fear if you need help with your destination shoot or wedding! ;)

A big reason I focus on the importance of capturing the love between couples is because I know how special photos of me & my boyfriend, Mat, are, especially since we currently do long-distance. I know how special those little moments are between us and how I want to remember them forever, so I understand how special they are to YOU, too!

I’m a firm believer that I'm not here to tell YOU who you "should" be. So instead, allow me to tell you what I'll do for YOU. 
- I'll care for you. Not just about your beautiful location or how amazing your wedding details look in photos. For YOU and your partner and what your place is in this beautiful world.
- I'll guide you. Wedding planning is hard, budgeting is hard, hiring vendors is hard. I'm here to not only be your photographer, but to help you create your guideline, pick out your wedding colors, find vendors that are perfect for you, and to reassure you when you feel like you're panicking a little.
- I'll help tell your story. I'll get to know who you are and allow you to create with me throughout the whole process. I'm not here to tell you what your story should be and how it should look through my lens. You're booking me to share your love with the world in this special way, so you get to decide how that looks. But I'll also be here to guide you as the creative professional in our relationship and to take the pressure off your shoulders.


see where I'm headed next!

Travel Dates

november 2-4: oregon coast


As you can guess from me being a destination elopement + wedding photog. . . I travel a LOT!! I actually grew up living overseas, so traveling is my faaavorite thing in the world.

Here's my upcoming travel schedule - book a session or elopement with me at any of these locations during these times and there'll be ZERO. TRAVEL. FEES!