another way to get all the photos you want of your favorite people

Your wedding day is, of course, about you & your partner, but ALSO about all the guests you put so much time, effort, and money into!
I want to make sure I give not only you two an incredible experience, but your GUESTS, as well. I know that wedding guests usually want photos to share on their social media right away, and they don't want to wait until the professional photos are delivered.
THAT'S why this photobooth is perfect for you, no matter what your special day looks like. Give your guests the perfect way to have a hell of a lot of fun & make even more memories!


Features that the Experience Booth has to offer your big day:




-2 hours of booth use
-Online gallery of all media from your day
-4 color filters
-1 black & white filter
-2 customized media overlays + customized home screen
-2 color backdrop options



-3 hours of booth use
-Online gallery
-Black & white filter
-White backdrop



-2 hours of booth use
-Online gallery



So how does this booth work?

This booth has a portable case that's easy for me to carry to your event & set up/tear down within 5 minutes! You won't have to worry about paying extra for me to transport it to your venue, which is awesome!


This booth is the TOP out there in the industry. It's ultra portable & compact, weighing only 36 lbs but heavy enough that it won't be knocked over. It looks clean, modern, and aesthetic, and won't ruin the vibe of your wedding day. It has SO many capabilities, including photos, videos, GIF's, boomerangs, 120+ LED light sequences, an online gallery, and filters. AND it won't be bulky & take up a ton of space at your venue - woohoo!

The customization is my FAVORITE part of this booth! I can design custom overlays for all the media your guests take, with elements such as you & your partner's names, your last name, your wedding hashtag, wedding date, all that good stuff! I can also customize the colors of the LED lighting to match the theme/mood of your wedding, as well as the "tap to start" screen that is constant on the screen when not in use.

I'm currently not offering prints with the booth simply because most people in today's day & age prefer to have photos to post on social media! Have you ever gotten a photo strip at an event, only to take a picture of the strip, and post THAT on your social media? I wanted to take out that extra unnecessary step, AND try to be as waste-free as possible with this booth!

Yes! The photobooth can fully run without Wi-Fi if your venue doesn't have any, and all the media will simply be sent to your guests as soon as I arrive home & connect to Wi-Fi.

I currently don't have any set props that I'll be bringing to weddings for sure, but that's something I'm working on! I'd love to hear if that's something you'd want to be included!


I'm SO stoked that you want this booth at your wedding or event! If you do NOT have me as your wedding photographer, please fill out this form to get your booking started! If I AM your photographer, no need to fill this out - simply shoot me an email and say "WE WANT THE BOOTH!"

If you're interested in having this booth at an event that isn't a wedding, go ahead and fill out this form, as well :)


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— Team Kodiak

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