That Time My Lens Rolled Off A Cliff

November 1, 2019

For Photographers

Yep, you read that right. OFF. A. FREAKING. CLIFF.

Last weekend, I was in Bellingham, visiting my boyfriend, Mat, right? And we were exploring the beautiful Larrabee State Park, climbing on the rocks above the water, taking photos and just having a grand old time.

That grand old time stopped when Dan picked up her camera bag from off the rocks, not realizing the top zipper was open. And all of a sudden, she watched her Canon 50mm 1.4 lens start rolling. At first, I was confused. Then I was kinda in shock. THEN I REALIZED WHAT WAS HAPPENING. I thought it would stop. IT DIDN’T. So I watched it roll. off. the. cliff. Into the ocean. Or so I thought.

First, I cried. Because watching one of your favorite lenses LITERALLY ROLL INTO THE OCEAN is kinda depressing and shocking. And there goes the $$ that was spent on it. But then, I realized there WERE a few rocks at the very bottom, and MAAAYBE the lens just so happened to fall into the rocks, and not all the way to the ocean. I knew I had my KUVRD lens cover on the front of the lens, so I crossed my fingers that a part of it might have survived if I could find it.
So Dan decided to climb down the rocks in her pretty black boots while Mat tried to look for the lens from above, on the cliff. And THERE IT WAS. In the tiniest little crevice filled with water, right before the ocean hit (enjoy this bad quality Snapchat video to see where it was?; (if you’re on mobile, just click on the video and it’ll make it full screen!))

And here’s a photo of me post-crying/shock, victoriously climbing back up with the lens, still confused about what in the hell had just happened:

Mat and I tried to fix it, but then realized it would be better to take it into a pro. I have yet to do that, so I don’t know if the back of the lens (the sensor part) is fixable. HOWEVER: I DO know that the front of the lens ended up COMPLETELY fine. Like y’all. It fell off a literal cliff and the glass on the front looks like nothing ever happened (except for the water that came in through the back sensor?).

None of this is even sponsored, just so ya know. It’s just me telling you why you need to get it, because it’ll save your ass like it did mine (and HAS many times!). Ever since I got a bunch of these rubber covers for my lenses, I’ve always felt like my lenses were better protected. No offense to the plastic Canon covers that our cameras come with, but. . . they kinda suck, protection-wise. These rubber covers are great prices for the protection they give, and they come in 2 sizes that fit lenses universally, which is freakin’ sweeeet and a time + money-saver!

Moral of the story: ditch your plastic lens caps and BUY THESE ONES. There’s a reason they’ve become popular recently. If I had had a second one on the back of my lens (which I’m going to do from now on!), I’m 99% sure that my lens would’ve been completely fine and survived that fall. So if you do ANY sort of shooting outdoors where you hike or climb on rocks, get these. And don’t let your lens roll off a cliff.

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