COVID-19 has been rough.

I'm so sorry that you're even having to THINK about postponing your wedding. Right now, there are so many unknowns and it's SHITTY. For everyone. But especially for you, who has been planning your wedding for a LONG time & putting so much time, effort, and money into it.

We're in this together. Know that I'm here to support you, come up with a new game plan if need be, and reassure you the whole time.

Here is a complete list of my available Friday & weekend dates for the rest of 2020 & all of 2021 in case you're having to postpone your date. Reach out to me if you have any questions, and babe - I've got you covered. I promise.

**Please do NOT reschedule your date without checking with all of your vendors - some of these dates may appear available, but may depend on the location of your day if I have a wedding around a date you're looking at. Please confirm with me before officially deciding anything!


= available

= tentatively available

= not available