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Cozy Fall In-Home Session | Ashley + Levi

December 12, 2019
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It’s always such an honor when I’m allowed into a couple’s or family’s home. Ashley and Levi graciously let my friend Kali and I into their beautiful home in Spokane to do an in-home session, and it was so dang awesome. From the outside, their house looks like a cute little fairytale home, and inside, they’ve done an incredible job decorating it and turning it into a home since moving there only recently. We had the best time getting creative with them, watching them kick ASS at dancing to the music coming from their record player, and learning more about their love story (and hanging with their adorable little man, pictured in the last photos below!). I’m so thankful to them for allowing us into their home and for being willing to get creative with us, especially in the last series of photos, when we had run out of natural light, but decided to play with some artificial light instead of being done! This session was so fun and I’m absolutely in love with what we created together!❤️


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