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Creative Portland Family & Couples Session | The Jones Fam

September 18, 2019
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Words/phrases I would use to describe this session with Chelsea & her family, because I still cannot seem to formulate my emotions into sentences yet:
Laughter/love-filled. Real. RAW. Emotional. Intimate. Creative. Connections. Bonds. “Therapeutic,” in Chelsea’s words.
I think the reason this session is one of my all-time favorites is because it just makes my soul FEEL so. Dang. Much.
Through this series of photographs, you witness so many things; so many bonds & connections. Brother/sister. Mama/daughter/son. Dad/son/daughter. Mama/Dad, wife/husband. Family. & of course some portraits of just mama & her badass self.
This beautiful little fam welcomed me to Portland and hung out with me for a few hours to create all this magic, and I could not be more thankful. Chelsea has been one of the people I’ve admired the most ever since I decided to work with couples, so getting the opportunity to capture her & her family was pretty freakin’ awesome. Her soul is so kind, creative, free-spirited, and just REAL.
Chelsea, thank you for allowing me into your family’s beautiful life and for being such a kind soul. My heart & my creative cup are still both so so full.🖤
(this is a longer set of images, but I really encourage you to look through the whole set and witness all these little pieces of this family’s story!)


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