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Fairytale Mount Hood Wedding | Della + Dan

August 16, 2019
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here’s a short version of the story of this day:
Della + Dan’s wedding photographer BACKED OUT three weeks before their wedding. I happened to be available on their date, so I reached out, and I could never have been prepared to be so blessed by this couple that I hadn’t even known EXISTED until that day.
I’d known them for three weeks. And since her FIRST email reply, Della had been an angel. She was sweet, kind, and so full of gratitude that I had reached out. Then their wedding day absolutely BLEW me away.
The dreamiest venue. The most beautiful weather. The kindest couple & families. Throughout the day, Della’s family members came up to me and continually expressed their gratitude towards me for being able to shoot the wedding. I gave so many people hugs that day, and can’t even count the times I told Della (and everybody else) that I was going to cry😂 I’ve never felt as full of LIFE as I did on their wedding day (and I wasn’t even the one getting married!).
These two are the most beautiful example of why I do this and why my heart is so fully in this “job” of mine. Their love is the most pure, passionate, loving, and just genuine LOVE that I’ve ever witnessed, and I can’t believe how much of a blessing and honor it has been to know them, even if just for less than a month.
Della + Dan’s wedding day was the type of day that makes me 100% sure I want to chase this passion of mine. Every time I think I couldn’t be more blessed, people like these two come along. I will never, EVER stop being grateful, and I’ll never forget this weekend.❤️

Dress: Allure Bridals from Ania Bridal Boutique

Florist: The Rainflower Florist


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